Dental Crowns

A damaged or weakened tooth not only affects the look of your smile. It can also cause pain, soreness, and difficulty chewing.

To relieve discomfort and restore your smile to good health, Drs. Art Carpenter and Sejal Jobalia can provide a custom dental crown.

How can a dental crown restore the wellness of your smile?

dental crown

Restore Damaged Teeth with Customized, Quality Dental Crowns

Most of us do not fully appreciate our oral health - until a tooth becomes painful, or is broken or lost. It is difficult to enjoy a meal or to smile with confidence when you have damaged or missing teeth. Fortunately, you can preserve the full function and beauty of your smile with placement of durable dental crowns. Drs. Art Carpenter and Sejal Jobalia in Kenilworth, IL, provide quality traditional and implant-supported crowns to preserve your healthy smile. 

Our practice has a reputation for excellence in the Kenilworth area. We offer convenient appointments which are scheduled to provide patients with prompt service.

About Dental Crowns

A traditional dental crown is a restorative treatment that provides strength and structure to support a tooth that is no longer fully functional. Typically made of durable ceramic or porcelain, a crown, sometimes called a "cap," is often virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. The materials we use offer a translucent quality similar to tooth enamel, and can be artfully matched to blend seamlessly with your smile. 

There are many reasons a patient might require a dental crown. If root canal therapy is needed for an infected tooth, the procedure is finished with a crown. Some patients simply seek a cosmetic solution to cover flaws, such as uneven wear or discoloration, but many need support for a damaged tooth. Common issues that require a crown include:

  • Damage and weakness from extensive decay 
  • A tooth with a large, aging filling that begins to crack 
  • Accidental trauma that causes a tooth to break or severely chip 

The Procedure

A custom dental crown is made to fully cover a damaged tooth, restoring natural shape, size, and function. The procedure in our office takes place in two appointments. Initially, the tooth is cleaned and disinfected, then altered to allow optimal fit and support for your restoration. We will take highly detailed impressions to create your customized crown. It typically takes about two weeks to complete your restoration, during which time you will wear a temporary. At your second appointment, we will affix your permanent crown. Dr. Carpenter or Dr. Jobalia will ensure proper fit and comfort, and provide guidance to help you obtain log-lasting benefits from your new crown. With proper care, your restoration can last for up to 15 years.

Illustration of steps in dental crown placement

Removing a small amount of enamel can ensure your crown fits properly.

Implant-supported Crowns

Patients with missing teeth may choose to restore their smile with dental implants designed to securely hold a crown. Dental implants are surgically placed in the gums, forming a sturdy base that functions similarly to natural tooth roots. This treatment is an ideal option to replace missing teeth, offering an experience that accurately mimics the comfort and function of natural teeth and prevents bone loss. Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Jobalia create custom crowns for many dental implants patients. Our implant crowns and other restorations are of the highest quality and made to last for decades.

Choose a Highly Trained Team 

Dr. Carpenter

Dr. Carpenter has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years and is proud to offer various state-of-the-art services for his patients, including: 

  • Dental implants 
  • Fully guided implant surgery
  • Inman Aligner™ 

He regularly participates in continuing education programs to ensure that his patients are receiving the very best care. To schedule a consultation at our office, request an appointment online or call us at (847) 251-5004.

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